Hummingbird Bath

We all lead such busy lives but sometimes magical things can happen if we will be still for a moment.

Some believe that hummingbirds are messengers from the Divine. They appear in your life to remind you of the importance of joy and playfulness. They can hover effortlessly while drinking the sweet nectar of each flower they find. Then they zoom away, off to another adventure. They are light and quick in everything they do. A hummingbird sighting will always lift your spirits and open your heart.

Hummingbirds are some of the smallest of all birds, but they can fly for great distances. Although rare, it it’s quite charming to see one resting on a branch. Their speed and agility are unparalleled, yet they can seem so calm when taking a break. I have a very good friend who can hear them before she sees them. The tiny helicopters of the avian world, their fluttering wings create a humming sound that not many people notice.

Every summer I buy a large Boston fern to place in one of the shade trees in my garden. It’s a bit of an indulgence because it is positioned in a place that is difficult to water. I have to take my garden hose and put the nozzle setting on a long stream so that it will reach the hanging basket. Sometimes I even stand on my garden bench so that the stream of water is a little higher and closer to the basket. I’m sure this looks ridiculous, but it’s effective.

Late one summer afternoon I was standing on the ground attempting to water the hanging fern. The stream of water was probably stretching twenty feet to reach it. It was extremely hot, so I was standing in the shade of another tree to keep from being baked in the sun. A hummer darted into the garden and zoomed passed me. I thought he was on the way to one of the feeders but he stopped in midair and hovered not far from the stream of water. He turned and darted up to the stream and back away. Why did he stop? He repeated his up and back movement several times. I thought to myself, this is completely amazing! I am giving a hummingbird a drink of water.

After a few trips in and out, something magical happened. He stayed in the water, then he turned and faced me. This little hummingbird began to travel towards me up the stream of water. Now I was giving a hummingbird a bath. My heart sang with joy. This little guy was one of the most adorable creatures I had ever seen. It only lasted for a moment and then he turned and darted away. I felt completely blessed.

I wished I had a camera. I wished I could share this with others. Almost as if he heard me, the little hummer returned. Back into the stream, flying through the water directly up towards me. I wanted to laugh out loud, but I was afraid it would scare him. I remained as motionless as I could possibly be, until once again he took off. I burst into laughter. What a little show off, I thought. I bet he would have liked his antics recorded for posterity. But some events in our lives are meant for just that one moment. Sometimes we need to be still to witness something extraordinary.

photo 5

Remember, goodness grows,


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