Time to Plant

On that glorious day when spring arrives, gardeners know that it’s now time to plant our seeds. Experience has taught us to learn a little bit about what we intend to plant. I once planted seeds for the most fantastic looking artichokes that sported huge, iridescent purple flowers. The only problem was, they were only for show, not for growing any actual artichokes. DSC01356

It’s also helpful to have an idea how big things can really get and how much one plant can yield. Just ask anyone who thought they could never have too many tomato plants. Or better yet, ask their neighbors who had to figure out how to politely decline another basket of goodies.

Are you ready? You are going to need three essential tools to begin this new garden. Without these tools, you will fail. But these essential items are not a shovel, fork and watering can. You must bring out your gifts that make you a creator. If you access your intention, express your emotions, and believe that you will succeed… you will.  

from my new book, The Seventh Season: Wisdom from the Garden of Life

remember, goodness grows,


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