What’s In A Name?

When I started my garden design business twelve years ago, I debated the wisdom of naming it after myself. Some of my clients recommended it because they thought it would be a great way to capitalize on the referrals I was already receiving. Others thought a catchy garden reference name would be cute and easy to remember, something like Dig In or Sprouts. But I always had another name in mind.

Not many people know that my gardening company is named after a flower…


Veronica x ‘Goodness Grows’

To be honest, I fell in love with the spiky blue blossoms the first time we met. The name just made them even more charming. I couldn’t help but think, yes indeed, goodness does grow!

Through the years there has been some amusing confusion. There have been calls inquiring about community charitable services and others for children’s daycare. My favorite time was when we were building out an exhibit for a garden show at the Austin Convention Center. Every time one of our delivery trucks drove inside the building there would be a loudspeaker declaration blaring, “Goodness Grows.” After about five trucks and announcements, all the other exhibitors thought it was some kind of pep talk to keep them focused while working.

I like that the name of my company is a positive affirmation. It’s always fun for me to hear other people say it and who knows, maybe it provides a little encouragement wherever it pops up.

remember, goodness grows,


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