Beginning Again


Here in Central Texas, Spring wakes up one morning and jumps right out of bed. Overnight, verdant green replaces the crispy brown covering hillsides and the world awakens to blossom and bird song. Our famous bluebonnets poke their heads up and sweep along road shoulders, beckoning every amateur photographer to pull over and take a shot. Branches thicken and tender buds emerge, whispering to gardeners that it’s now time to plant fresh seeds.

Garden centers are overrun with eager customers buying loaded flats of this and enticing little packs of that. Seed displays are often right there by the checkout, much like the candy positioned seductively in view of children waiting in the grocery store line. With the best of intentions we gather up pack after pack of fabulous potential. Unfortunately, most seeds stay in the pretty little packages that they came in. We admire those lovely pictures on the front and think about how nice it would be to have veggies and flowers. But if we want to see the real thing growing, we will have to get up and get to work. It’s only a first step, sowing those seeds. We must commit to tending, nurturing and watering through a long season ahead, all in hope of something good to come.


“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”  Henry David Thoreau

Using our imagination we can assemble everything needed to bring that little seed into our garden and plant it. We can envision what it will be like for a blossom or fruit to develop, but we also realize that to manifest something into reality, it takes more than just hope. There will be actual work involved. We must now dedicate time and effort to a future we intend to experience. If our intention to grow is the fuel of manifestation, our emotions are the match that can light it. Once you have an idea you like, it’s pretty easy to put yourself into a position feel enthusiastic about it. Our deliberate desire to grow something new provides the emotional fuel that cracks open a seed, thus beginning its journey toward fulfillment.


“Every moment of every man’s Life on earth plant something in his soul.”  Thomas Merton

When you have eagerness to begin anew, you send out your own tender buds. You reach for the light and allow your first leaves to unfold.  You are full of hope, yet entirely exposed. You are taking a risk when dedicating yourself to the process of growing. If you are like most of us, you may feel a little unsure about your ability to succeed. Maybe your last endeavor was not entirely triumphant. Perhaps nothing thrived or a tangle of problem weeds took over. Something unexpected may have emerged, or the harvest was meager. This uncertainty can feel perilous but there is no potential for reward without taking another chance.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” Audrey Hepburn

In the garden of life, we have no guarantees; we have no way of being sure how it will all turn out. Yet, here we are again, ready to plant. This moment is transcendent. If we can take this first step into the unknown, we can create something new in our future.

All of your power returns to you once you combine your desire with the willingness to begin. The act of sowing a seed is a triumph over any past disappointments or regrets. In fact, it is a miracle. It is a bold statement that you are taking charge of your destiny. Manifesting the garden of your dreams can become your reality once you remember that you are the gardener. You have the ability to take that power and create your own bit of heaven on earth. Believe in yourself, and you will see the world change before your eyes.


“Your positive expectations are seeds planted in your favor, which will successfully grow into uplifting experiences.”  Doreen Virtue

remember, goodness grows,


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  1. carolee says:

    Loved this post…..and your bluebonnets!


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