The Earth Is Our Most Precious Gift

photo 3Whatever we choose to call our spiritual source of comfort, there is certainly one materialized form of that belief in our experience. The Earth is our most precious gift, and a constant reminder of Divine Love. We just forget to notice it.  The history of mankind is filled with disagreements and horrific battles in the name of our individual beliefs. Yet, the beauty of nature is the one universal truth we all share. We could look up and see the magnificence surrounding us. All that is divine whispers in the wind. The majesty of our creation is revealed to us in the mountains. Who among us is not soothed by the lullaby sung as each ocean tide sweeps the shore?  Can you look at a sunset and not see the brushstrokes of an infinite Artist? Within this beauty, each one of us can experience a source of lasting peace.

from my new book, The Seventh Season: Wisdom from the Garden of Life

remember, goodness grows,


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1 Response to The Earth Is Our Most Precious Gift

  1. Kim says:

    Beautifully said Heather! Especially during this season where we are supposed to settle and be thankful but find ourselves in a hurry and don’t stop to notice our blessings!! xokim

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