It All Starts With A Seed

IMG_7135It all starts with a seed. From a random thought, or a dream, or even an idea that comes out of nowhere, something new is about to be born.  I’ve been told that my ideas are like an endless stream of helium balloons that I launched into the sky without a care or tether. Honestly, I don’t care if my ideas fly at all. I just really like to launch them. Come what may, there are always more to come. Creating them and letting them go feels joyful to me. But something more is needed if an ethereal vision is to become something solid in reality. What is needed is the intention to create something brand new; it takes a seed plus your unique creative energy. Without intention, our ideas can float away into the clouds and never be seen again. There can be beauty in that, but manifesting our desires is one of the purest joys in life. I bet you have experienced that rush of excitement surging through you when you have seen one of your ideas becoming a reality. This is the essence of a gardener’s happiness. Intention is the emotional fuel that cracks open the seed, thus beginning its journey toward fulfillment.

from my new book, The Seventh Season: Wisdom from the Garden of Life

remember, goodness grows,


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